So Many Questions

You know that if all the kids in school know the cool bad language songs, start dating in middle school, disrespect their parents or even view the latest TV-MA movies, that means they are normal? My question is, when did this become the normal? Why is it normal? Does it make the parent seem cool when they allow certain things to infiltrate their children? I often wonder because in my fight to keep my daughters lives away from the enemy, who only wants to destroy, I don’t want any gateway to be an influence in their lives. You may say, “well you can’t stop your kids from doing things, they will find a way.” I say, if they are that adamant about finding a way to do certain things then I’m not doing a great job as a parent. It’s as simple as if you want your kids to stop eating junk, stop buying it! They don’t have money nor a car to get to these things. I hate to hear parents say things like that. We are the parents, we have control with the help of God! Let’s think differently and stop speaking a false narrative into our children’s lives because of what we’ve seen. I hear folks also say that we as adults have to show people how to treat us, they only do what you allow them to. If we have so much power over how adults treat us, then why can’t we have that same power over what our kids do and don’t do! Stop with the false narratives!  God equipped us! Okay, I digress. Back to my point.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; John 10:10

Do we do things so people won’t look at us weird and say that we are weird? Should we be pleasing God or people? This post is seriously a lot of questions that I just don’t know the answers to. It saddens me when I see a young teenager being heart-broken at such a young age because she decided to give her heart or maybe even her body away to the first guy that made her blush. It hurts when I hear kids have a greater knowledge of sex than I do as an adult. Not a better knowledge, just a greater knowledge of the wrong things. Whether they hear this from songs, movies or their peers. It hurts. Why is this our normal? Why are we trying to fit into a culture or world that we are suppose to be different from? Why?

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Romans 12:2

My prayer is that we are not ashamed, we are bold in our faith and what we stand for. My prayer is that our children see that we live a life unashamed, intentional and out of the norm. We have to, we must. This is only a temporary place for us to be and we have to remember that. If we miss our goal to live Kingdom lives so we can reflect the Kingdom to others and they live Kingdom lives, then we have missed the mark. Let us not be normal but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Let us talk to our daughters about not fitting in, going against the grain, doing something different then their peers. It’s okay to not have a boyfriend at 15, it’s okay to not know all the songs, it’s okay to not know all the so-call hip things to say, how to say them and when to say them. Some of it sounds so deplorable anyway. Stop allowing your kids to say things that diminishes their character in Christ. It’s okay to be different and live a life that pleases Christ without any guilt or shame. Moms, it’s okay. It’s selfish for us to want our daughters to be in the know, in the thick of “all the things.” If we are really honest with ourselves, what is our motive for wanting our daughters to do what the others kids are doing, be like them, act like them, accepted by them? So that the guys like them, so the cool kids want to hang with them, so that the cool parents want to hang with us? Be honest, ask  yourself. Our saying in our home is to check your heart. God knows it and so should you.

For His Glory,


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