Modest Daughters

In my quest to learn more and more on modesty through Christ, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can not explain or write it well enough for anyone to understand, yet. I don’t want to get my words misconstrued or come off as being judgemental in any way. I teach my daughters about modesty and what the bible tells us about adorning ourselves, looking to get attention, lust, etc. I’ve gained this knowledge from reading the word, reading other blog post, researching and talking to older women. I feel it’s important to look to others for biblical advice when you are unsure or need a deeper understanding of things.

Instead of me writing what “I think” or “I believe”, I want to come from a perspective of the word of God. So below I’ve linked two websites, I frequent often, that explain modesty and how it relates to not just women but men as well if you are a believer. These bloggers couldn’t have written it better, this is why I can’t rewrite it! After you’re done reading, I would love to keep the conversation going. Please leave a comment on what you think.

Always remember when visiting sites to find out what they believe or what their mission is. I base my knowledge of things on the word of God, the bible. You can read what I believe here and how to find out about Jesus Christ.

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