Sometimes we get lost. I remember when I was a little girl in the mall with my siblings, my mom and my aunt. I was about 7 or 8 I believe. We were leaving out of a store and my mom told me to go back and let my aunt know that we were leaving. I went to find my aunt and I couldn’t. So I went back to find my mom and I couldn’t. I remember running back and forth trying to find them, and nope, I couldn’t find anyone. I remember having a little fear but knew that I could figure something out instead of standing in one place waiting. So I decided to go to the register and let the associates know that I was lost. They quickly asked for my parents name. Knowing that my mom was out of the store, I gave them my aunts name. “Rosa Ward”, they shouted over the speaker, “please come to the register, your niece is waiting for you.” See, Ward wasn’t my aunts last name, that was her maiden name. But as an eight year old, I didn’t know that. All I knew was her maiden name because it was my grandmothers, her moms, last name. After about five minutes, which felt like an eternity, I see my aunt coming. Elated, the first thing she said was, “I was going to leave out the store because they called Ward. That’s not my last name girl, it’s Bryant!” I said, “O, I didn’t know, I thought you had the same last name as my grandmother.” Then I said, “but you came though!”

I’ll never forget that day. Looking back over the years recalling that day, I wonder what if she had have kept going out the store. How long would it have taken for me to be found, would they find me, would the police have been called! LOL For the few moments I was lost, one thing I knew was whose name to call. Who do you call when you are lost? It may not have been the right full name, but it was enough for my aunt to come back and think that there may not be another Rosa Ward here. But there she was, responding, there to let me know, I’m not lost. You know where I’m going with this. Knowing the name above all names, you’ll never be lost. You may not know all the details, all the right scriptures, right facts, right ways, but just knowing the name, Jesus, allows you to be found. In a world of turmoil, hatred, confusion, knowing someone that’s going to find you and lead you home makes all the difference.

My prayer for my daughters and yours is that they know the name. When everyone else is gone and they have no one to turn to, they have another Friend, Father, Teacher, Brother in Jesus. I can’t stress the importance of leading your children to Christ. This world is not here forever. We live like it is and that, to me is sad. Knowing Christ and being known by Christ is the best thing I’ve ever known. If that is the only truth we have to hold on to, then we are in good hands and never lost.

For His Glory,

Kristin J.

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