Grateful Work

As we were tucking in tonight, my youngest daughter started chiming about how she knows she has to do school work, “but it’s just, just, uuuggghhh! You know, mommy?” This isn’t the first time she’s voiced her opinion on her dislike for school work. As always, I use this opportunity to go over a verse we know so well, “Colossians 3:23 Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” I reminded her of this verse and what it means. Her next question was, “Well why does God want us to please him by doing these things?” Such logical questions from a ten year old, right?

I love opportunities to teach my daughters and learn some things myself along the way. I went on to explain that God loves our gratefulness. When we are grateful for whatever work we put our hands to, it pleases him. During this “Covid time” we can find so many things to not be grateful for. Especially if we’ve lost a job, lost a loved one or maybe even just lost. But I’ve learned and heard someone say that the best way to get past a tough situation is to be thankful. Give thanks. I went on and on about times where black people weren’t able to learn to read, so be grateful for your schoolwork. I said that a lot of people right now, around the world have no food to eat, so be grateful when doing dirty dishes. I also reminded her about the documentary we watched on Netflix showing a village in India where they were sleeping on a hard floor, so be thankful that you have blankets to fold for a bed to sleep in.

I could go on. As always, she understood. No matter how many times you have to bring things back into perspective, keep doing it. We all need a little reminder of what God has done for us. Remember what I said about learning some things myself? Well, I learned that I shouldn’t complain about how many times I cook throughout the day, how much I’m spending on groceries or even something as trivial as not being able to hang out with my cousins and friends for my annual birthday dinner this year at my favorite Mexican restaurant! Yea, it’s a situation and could be an even worse situation. This is where I had to do a heart-check and cower from my selfish motives. But God is good, He’s great, I’m grateful. Sometimes we have to step back and say, “is this really something to be up in arms about?” We have to steward or manage well what we’ve been given by God. We own nothing. Not the dishes, the schoolwork, the food we eat. None of it belongs to us but is a gift from God that we must steward well and have peace, contentment and joy in all the things.┬áTake some time to remind yourself and your kiddos about being thankful. It’s not just for turkey day, it’s everyday.

Give thanks unto the Lord for he is good! Psalms 136:1

For His Glory,

Kristin J.

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