Feature Post: God’s Love For Us

I have the privilege of being a mother to two of the most precious, kindest, loving girls in the world. I’m saying that because I’m their mother and I’m not saying that because I’m their mother. It’s the truth! I could go on and on about their character but I like to let it speak for itself. As promised from my Meet Kristin page, I said I would have my daughters join me in blogging. I expected my oldest to be the first to join as she has been sharing some wonderful things, but my youngest daughter took me by surprise with her words she chose to write for a school assignment in creating her own blog. I asked if I could share it here and she was more than willing! Enough of my talking, here is her post, in her own words, ‘God’s Love For Us’, from her blog A Journey of Faith.

When I was younger about four to eight I knew God but not how I know him now. I just thought God was this big strong guy who loves us and gives us what we want and need. And don’t get me wrong he does love us and give us what we want and need, but he is so much more than just a genie in a bottle. God is the river that’ll never run dry, His love is sweeter than anything you can imagine, God is God and he can choose to do whatever He wants to do. But what if he chooses not to love me, what if He just stops caring about me and I’m stuck dealing with life alone. What if I ask God to heal my family cause they’re always fighting and he doesn’t answer? Psalms 59:10 says “In his unfailing love, my God will stand with me. He will let me look down in triumph on all my enemies.” does that make you feel better, cause it makes me feel better.

God and his unfailing love, He will stand with me. Knowing all that let’s me know God will never abandon me nor forsake me. Yes, God can do what he wants but that does not mean He will use his power against us because we have sinned against him, no. God loves us and we should love him. The best verse to read and know about how God loves you is John 3:16, it tells us this “ For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” (NLT Version) God loves you and cares for you no matter what happens, He is there, even when you don’t think He is, He’s there! There is a song I love, and it says “Even when I don’t see it you’re working, even when I don’t feel it you’re working, you never stop you, never stop working.” and it repeats that over and over again,  How beautiful is that? I want to challenge you today, to pray anytime you are free, when you’re on your tablet, phone, laptop or any device that may be taking up your time with God. Pray to him whatever may be going on, talk to him for a minute, two minutes or even five, just make sure you talk to God throughout the day. And remember, God loves you!


Dear God, I ask that you put protection over my family, you heal my family and restore my family. Thank you for always being there for me in times of trouble, and even when I don’t see you working in my life I will always know you are here moving in our midst, I love you, I thank you, I praise you in Jesus’s name Amen.

Olivia J.

Thank you, Olivia for sharing your wisdom and your heart.


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