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I’ve recently had the pleasure to start back creating things with my daughters. Before we moved into our current home three years ago, which is still a temporary home, (more on that another time); we lived in a suburban town about 30 minutes from here. Now, we are in the country. Not too country as like I said, we are only 30 minutes from civilization! LOL Just kidding, but back to my point. We lived in a suburban area where homes were big, properties were small, stores, malls and our church was a 5-10 minute drive. It was nice having all the amenities of parks, pools, tennis courts that were walking distance from our home, maintained common areas, gyms, you name it, we had it. It was a luxury in itself. A luxury most folks take for granted. Looking back, I can say I enjoyed every moment living in our beautiful one-story home and all the amenities it offered. I was grateful, but with all those amenities, God showed me ways to enjoy life if those things weren’t around by being creative.

It was in this home that I discovered making my own laundry detergents, soaps and cleaning products, was something I enjoyed doing. It was something that came out of a necessity at first to save money and developed into a joy my daughters and I loved creating for our own home and our family members. It started with homemade Christmas gifts of mason jars filled with laundry detergent, small bottles of air sprays, shower cleansers and lotions to bless others. It was fun, money-saving and healthier for my families needs as well.

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work..Exodus 35:35

Since our move 3 years ago, we’ve recently started getting back into creating these things again, along with other items. I remembered the joy I had and still have when using something that I made and that actually works! There is nothing fancy about the items we create, there is no guarantee to make all your problems go away; but one thing that this has done is given my daughters and I something more to do together. You may be thinking, aren’t you with them everyday?! Yes, yes I am; but I love that we can do something together that requires us thinking, sharing, creating and making a point to remind each other without words of the joy God has given us even in the midst of a temporary space and a pandemic.  It doesn’t matter whether we are in a 5000 square foot home with amenities or a 200 square foot travel trailer; we are doing something that we love to do and enjoying time spent creating.

Colossians 3:23, Whatever you do, work at it with all  your heart, as working for the Lord

Mom’s, take some time and find a thing or two that you and your daughter(s) can do together that brings you joy and gets your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t take much but a little creativity. Use your hands to make, your minds to think of ideas and things to do. If you love to plan, plan together. If you love to sew, do that. If you love to bake, make that a weekly thing you can focus on doing and see where God takes you. God gave us a mind and hands to showcase our talents to our family and the world for His glory. Cultivate creativity in yourselves and in your children so they may grow into adulthood making every attempt to try new things as God sees fit. Take some time to pray and think of ways you and your daughter(s) can use your time and talents to bring glory to God and joy to your circumstances.

For His Glory,

Kristin J.

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