At First It Was “The Talk”

My oldest daughter and I had “the talk” when she was about 10 years old. Unfortunately and fortunately it started earlier than I expected. I was a little naive of what she may hear from other kids just because she was homeschooled. Boy was I wrong. Not only did she hear things, she saw things as well. As soon as the Lord revealed to me(He did and He will, just ask) what she had heard, and what she was curious to find out but not coming to me about; I remember instantly praying first, going to God’s word, then using that to speak with her and give her God’s design for sex. I was in a controlled panic! Who wants to think of their daughter, at ten, finding out about sex the worlds way??!!  What turned into a hard conversation ended up being a start to a relationship that grows joyfully everyday. We talk a lot, I can honestly say everyday. She’s honest with me, I trust her, she trusts me, she feels comfortable coming to me about things. I love our mom to daughter chats. Some on purpose during a Starbucks run, some are impromptu; but each of them are uplifting for not only her, but for me. 

I’m grateful everyday for the beautiful gifts God has placed in my life in my girls. Getting to know them as they grow has been my greatest pleasure. My oldest is almost fifteen now and the years just won’t slow down. They come as quickly as they go. If you don’t get anything from these writings, get this. Stop and smell the roses, don’t let the years of them being a child pass you by. I hold on to them still, no matter the age. I want my time spent with them on this earth and in heaven. I’m not going to let a moment go by without looking into their faces and being present. 

This time we have now has made us to be with our family, at least for most I hope so. Use it, time is something we do not get back. Once it’s gone, it’s forever gone. We can sit and worry, fret, fear, stress. Or, we can remember that God is in control, and in his control we have Freedom and Liberty. The gifts he has given us in our children are just that, a gift. Something that can be neglected, thrown away, not taken care of. Choose to cherish your gifts, take care of them, spend time with them, get to know them, keep them close by for as long as you can. Let them know that they can come and talk to you without any judgement, criticism, sarcasm or anger. Be open, open your heart, hear their words, understand their needs. Know that God is with you in this parenting thing and that he has equipped you, me, us, we, to raise daughters for Him. Don’t let your silence or their silence be an end all to your communication. Deuteronomy 6:7 says, “Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.” Wow, look at all those times we have to engage with our children! I can add to that and say, at the dinner table, while helping with school work, playing outside, at the store. This time has given us so many opportunities to invest Christ into the lives of our daughters, take advantage of it!

This post started with me wanting to share how I talked to my daughter about sex, but the Holy Spirit lead it another way. I love it when he changes my thoughts. 🙂 It all ties together. though, right? God’s teachings expand every situation in life, from sex to anxiety to friendships. He’s equipped you mom or dad. He has given us his word to guide ourselves and our children through life’s circumstances. I will get back to sharing some tips about “the talk” one day, but for now, know that we serve a good God, who wants to be a part of every area of your life, including parenting. Will you allow him in?

For His Glory,

Kristin J.

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  1. Wow! Another great post!! I think you’re speaking to us grown women too. Keep it up and keep sharing!! 😊

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